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The Matti Haapoja Final Cut Pro Audio Presets are a fast and easy way to get your audio sounding professional.  Not only will they save you an insane amount of time with the one click nature of using the presets but you are also getting access to professional quality audio processing.

You Get:
1. Female Voice Indoor: Bright, Damp, Normal Variations
2. Female Voice Outdoor: Bright, Damp, Normal Variations
3. Male Voice Indoor: Bright, Damp, Normal Varations
4. Male Voice Outdoor: Bright, Damp, Normal Varations
5. Matti Voice Indoor by Camera Varations
6. Matti Voice Outdoor by Camera Varations
7. Reverb - Distant (Canyon)
8. Reverb - Echo
9. Reverb - Feedback
10. Large Room Reverb
11. Medium Room Reverb
12. Small Room Reverb
13. FX - Crash & Burn
14. FX - Distorted
15. FX - Fazed Out
16. FX - Helium
17. FX - In Your Face
18. FX - Monster
19. FX - Neighbors Next Door
20. FX - Telephone
21. FX - Underwater

These are essentially the color grading LUTs for audio.  We use these presets all the time and I hope you enjoy them too!