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AURORA - Light Leak Transitions & Glass Overlays

AURORA is 30+ light leak transitions and glass FX overlays

• 36 ProRes 4K files + .mp4 option
• Compatible with any editing software (Premiere, Final Cut, Da Vinci & more)
• Filmed for-real for that extra realism
• Perfect for weddings, music videos, adventure vlogs & more

Class-up any edit in seconds!

4 packs in 1 for extra versatility

10 SHORT Transitions: 10 x 1sec ProRes Files
10 MEDIUM Transitions 10 x 2sec ProRes Files
9 LONG Transitions 9 x 4sec ProRes Files
8 FX Overlays 8 x 15sec ProRes Files


As editors, we are always looking for ways to make our edit stand-out and yet we are not often given the time for customization.

Enter AURORA; easy-to-use high-quality glass fx without the costly time-consuming work of filming them yourself.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro simply select the “screen” blending mode and you are ready to export from your favourite editing software.

The diverse looks of the 36 files means you can keep using this pack over and over again to get real value for your investment.



In case you were wondering who the heck is Grant M. Fletcher just know you are in very capable hands. Grant has worked for Ellie Goulding, Hillsong United, Ezco/Ezra Cohen plus a few collabs with Matti himself, and he put the same attention to detail into this pack for you. To see more of Grant's work in Tour Visuals or learn from his 15 years in After Effects find him on YouTube.